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Photography, Filmmaking, Art

 VIBOGA is a dedicated and experienced team of professionals whose life is photography, film and art. They possess knowlege and expertise in capturing great unforgettable moments of celebrations like wedding, pre-wedding, get-togethers, house warming, outdoor, indoor, family at home, portraits, portfolios, in a perfect story-telling style, candidly as well as aesthetically.

VIBOGA is a brainchild of Chidanand, a pioneer in digital photography, with abundant knowledge and rich experience in imaging technology, fine arts,  graphic arts for several decades. He has won several awards for his artistic skills in pictorial photography. The prestigious First Award was bestowed on him at the recently held Chalukya Utsav 2014.

VIBOGA is powered by up-to-date and world-class technology for capturing great moments at any location and time.

VIBOGA with its state-of-the-art technology and capabilities augment the workflow in smooth execution of post production processes like film-editing, effects, colour-grading, voice, and background music for achieving the ultimate results, quickly and efficiently.

VIBOGA has the best image editing and graphic design applications and skills viz., image editing, colour correction, enhancement skills to create and aesthetically present the stunning imagery. These visuals are laidout in world-class designed albums that showcase the vibrant pictorials of the events in artistically composed artwork layouts that narrate the enchanting story of the unforgettable moments to cherish thereafter!